Tuesday, January 28, 2014

29 isn't so bad.

I turned 29 on saturday... it seems bonkers to even say that but it's true. sam and i have been married 4.5 years now and every time my birthday rolls around, we have always had something to do that wasn't related to celebrating. i know, it's life but like i've said before, birthdays are HUGE in my book and should be celebrated surrounded with love, family, friends, and lots of cake.

this past weekend, sam surprised me and took me to one of my favorite places..charlotte, north carolina. i have always been in love with charlotte but walking around uptown (even with wind and cold weather), i fell in love all over again. in fact, i tweeted that i was seriously considering a move to charlotte. the culture is perfect, the city a great size....maybe one day?!

we stayed at a swanky hotel downtown on friday night while xander stayed with my parents. we got a little dressed up, ate a nice dinner, and i spent the rest of the evening in a comfy bed with a cup of tea, some knitting, and some tv. no disruptions, no potty training, no kids tv...just me, my husband, and quiet.

the next morning, sam had scheduled a deep tissue couple's massage. now, massages should really be relaxing, but i guess because i've been doing so much studying and stressing about life, the deep tissue was as....let's say....comfortable...as i thought it would be....haha!!! i spent most of the massage trying not to cry out in sheer pain but after the torture was over i felt much better.

a walk through uptown led us to a yummy restaurant, 5 church, that serves ah-mazing brunch! irish breakfast for the win over here. after breakfast, we walked over to the public market. this is such an awesome concept as the entire market is local. not just coffee is a place that friends have told us about and we wanted something warm to hold on to and drink while we walked back to the hotel. they were super busy but the wait was worth it. however, by the time we got back to the hotel, our drinks were cold. the wind was fierce and our legs were like jelly when it was all said and done. and boy was i glad that i was a knitter...the hand knits we were both wearing did their job!!!

i kept telling sam that this was probably one of the best birthdays i've had in a long time. things are pretty busy for us right now and quality time isn't something that we get a lot of as just the two of us. it was refreshing to spend some time with sam and just celebrate being together. it also gave us some time to talk through some things that we haven't been able to tell each other. 29 isn't so bad, especially when you have love that supports, encourages, corrects, and celebrates along with you. i have the overwhelming feeling that 2014 is going to be our year. our year to love more, give more, trust more, endure more, persevere more...2014 is our year to change those things that have been discouraging us. it makes it even better that 29 won't be a year that i loathe, but a year that i live fully. here's to 29...may it be my year- our year.

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