Friday, January 16, 2015

year of the sweater, year of the fit | BASICS ROUND-UP

Year of the Sweater Community: 

in prep for my year of perfecting my sweater skills, i've been earmarking blog posts, podcast episodes, and other things that i find helpful in my journey. i have decided to put together a few posts along my journey to help others who are setting out along with me. mainly, this is a way that i can put everything in one place to access later. i want to say up front that i will not be sharing any tips that are from purchased resources. i will do my best to explain the resource in context to the technique, but i want to give credit where credit is do (chalk it up to the student in me!). everything will be linked for your convenience and those resources that i have purchased will also be linked. if you want to see inspiration and all things pertaining to the year of the sweater, you can check out and follow my pinterest board.

don't know where to start? how about the basics. i thought i would put together a good round-up of some things that i've been reading.

1. Look into some of these resources about getting what YOU want out of your next sweater.

CustomFit by Amy Herzog | this is a great resource and an account is free! amy has put together a program that basically does everything for you. you can also view her videos on gauge, measurements, and steps to getting a sweater modified to YOUR body.

Knit to Flatter | Craftsy Class & Book | another great resource from Amy herself. i have worked my way through the class and am now taking the first steps to learning how to modify a sweater. the class is good to view forever and include worksheets that you can print out for your own use. the book is additional but a great resource as well... you'll even find the patterns for the sweaters that are modeled in the class.

2. Don't skip the details! Swatch, swatch, swatch.
Swatching: Why You Wanna
Practical Tips on Swatching
Why Swatches (sometimes) Lie
Swatching in Pattern

3. Here are a few other resources that are worth checking out.
A great post on ease.
An episode where Hannah Fetig and Amy Herzog talk about modifying sweaters.
Elizabeth Zimmermann talks about gauge and it's importance

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