Tuesday, February 10, 2015

full | link round-up

i do a good bit of reading, watching, and listening via the internet and i've been coming across some really great things lately that i want to pass on to you. some things knitting related, some things life related, some encouraging, some challenging. one could say that i'm filling myself up with some good stuff.

here's what i've been doing lately...

i'm obsessed with this app and website. great studies and encouragements. i've been following the Esther study in the print format but you can access the plan here.

i found some new podcasts...video and audio.

video: truly myrtle, fiber trek, manda rine's

audio: the influence podcast, woolful

other stuff...

this wonderful post about desiring beauty

karen's blog and instagram

i'm trying to get my hands on this book.

i'm listening to this album on repeat. if there was ever an album that spoke DIRECTLY to where i am, it's this one.

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