Thursday, January 3, 2013

a new post for the new year

i know that it has been the longest time since you have heard from our little family. it seems like right after the new year, i decide that its time to get back to blogging. but i think that i really may stick with it now. our little holmes family is doing well. actually, we are enjoying days of dealing with "the plague". i mentioned to sam this morning that it was nice to be at home as a family even if we are sick. no worries though...just seems to be a bug that we are almost over. im sure ill make it back to work tomorrow. as for what's new in our little be honest, not much. xander is taking small steps of his own but not quite running circles around us. i managed to start my masters coursework in june and am currently on winter break. sam is doing a lot of weightlifting and finding the niche to adding that into his daily schedule. i promise that i will come back more often with a little bit of life, knitting, reading, cooking, and whatever else i feel like sharing. i am currently rattling off a list of goals in my head that i am hoping to share with you. until next time... happy new year!

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