Friday, April 13, 2012

a new me comin'...

i was on my knitting community website, ravelry, and came across of post about the makeup community on youtube. one of the podcast hosts from doubleknit, a knitting podcast that i listen to regularly, had ventured out and started a new project that involves vlogging about different make-up products as well as application tips. she explained that what got her into this was that she realized one day that she looked aged and just needed a new look.

now that xander is 7 months old, i am realizing that it's time to get my butt in gear. i told myself that i wouldnt be that mama that let herself go after having a baby. i would work hard to shed my pregnancy pudge by exercising and eating good. maybe i would cut my hair and have a new style that better defined my personality.

as i write this i am sitting on my couch in maternity leggings and a big t-shirt. as soon as i walk in the door from work or just running errands, i immediately find some comfy clothes and change. those comfy clothes are obviously bigger, less fitted and probably some that i wouldnt answer the door in.

i think that its time to do this not only for my family but for myself. i want to feel like myself again and be happy with the way that i look and how i feel.

i know that i am not the only one feeling like this? how do you balance working out and doing things to better yourself with little ones running around. do you have some tips to give a new mama who's ready for some changes? let's chat! 

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