Tuesday, April 10, 2012

long days

the last couple of weeks have been a bit crazy for this mama in the holmes house. i have had a rough week or so at work with trying to catch up on work that needs to be done with the ability to only work part-time hours. the job that i do is definitely one for a full-time position, which i used to work, but since having the baby, i have dropped back to part-time hours so that i can be at home with xander. i love that i can work flexible hours but am reminded of how much work i really do when things begin to pile up.

on top of the craziness that is my job right now, xander is entering a new stage of growing up. he turned 7 months old on march 31st and with that came a lot of fussing and yelling when he is not happy or extremely tired. he has also decided that naps are recommended but not necessary and often cries in his crib for a bit before finally falling asleep from pure exhaustion. right now...this very moment...is one of those times. there just comes a point where you have to just let him cry it out.

on the better, less fussy side of things, xander is rolling over as a means as transporting himself to be able to reach his toys. i have come into the living room a couple of times to find him completely off his blanket on the floor, so i decided that he needed to spend some time in his playpen so i could get some things done around the house. he keeps himself occupied and has started to learn how to scoot a bit. he is also starting to push himself up on his knees so we figure that crawling is not far away. i plan on baby proofing the house this weekend.

at 7 months old, xander does wear us out. he does go down for bed around 8pm every night and sleeps until about 5am. sam and i have enjoyed some nice quiet evenings spending some time watching tv while i get some much needed knitting time in. we have even left the tv off and just spent the night talking...our talks remind me of all the 1st year we were together and spent the year long distance. we would spend hours on the phone about anything and everything. i love the conversations that we have and im glad that we are returning to them. i love when these long days end with a baby sleeping peacefully and a mama and daddy spending the evening cuddled on the couch.

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