Saturday, August 31, 2013


two years old.

so hard to believe that this little man is 2 today!

i meant to take pictures for his birthday weeks ago, but we have had a very wet and hot summer. i figured that since there wasn't much going on today, this was the best time to get some much needed pictures taken. for those of you who have been asking for pictures... here's the overload...

this was right before nap time so we worked really hard to make him laugh, but he did have his moments. these pictures wouldn't make much sense without a couple of "i'm 2" moments.

this little man brings so much joy to our lives! he's is so smart (can count from 1-10 with a little help), he loves music, the fresh beat band, and reading books. everyday with him is full of laughter and lots of playing.

xander asa, we love you so much and are so blessed to be your parents and look forward to the little man that you are growing into! 
           ~love, daddy & mama

***i took these with a canon powershot sx120 IS. just a step up from your point and shot. and of course, the best way to catch great shots of your child is the "continuous shot" setting. most of the time, i use my iphone because it takes great pictures on-the-go but for this i thought i would pull out my actual camera.

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