Thursday, August 29, 2013

make this faster

my summer sweater KAL sweater is moving right along. well, after i decided that i had need to finish another sweater. the current knitalong allows you to knit on both new projects and works in progress so i've managed to finish TWO other sweaters while knitting along with luvinthemommyhood. i'm waiting on a pretty, coolish day outside before i take my finished pictures and i might need to sew on some buttons as well....i need to start buying the buttons before i finish the sweaters...

but, back to my current sweater. just a reminder, i'm knitting cooke cardigan by amy herzog- my first sweater knit in pieces. yikes. i must admit that i am kind of nervous about how this might turn out. i finished the back piece of the sweater a couple of days ago and decided to immediately cast on the right front piece of the cardigan. i knit a few rows and realized that since it's 14.5 inches of the same stockinette that i should cast on the left front and work both at the same time! easy right?

seems so right now but that could be my famous last words. fingers crossed that i know what i'm doing...

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