Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back at it

I've been back in school for a little over a year now. I always had the dream of getting my masters in professional counseling but with working 40 hrs and the duties of wife, mama, and the demands of life, I was totally overwhelmed last semester. In may I decided that it was best to take the summer off and spend some time weighing whether this was the right time to be in school and whether this was something that I was supposed to do or not. After losing my job with a peace that I was done working for a while, I felt it was okay to start back to classes this fall with a much lighter, part-time load. Since I am a graduate student, I only have to take 6 credit hours to be considered part-time status: two classes each 8 weeks long. This past Monday my first class started.

I'm hoping that this semester is not as brutal as last. That I am able to actually learn and take my time with the reading and assignments each week, to not struggle with the burden of removing myself from the presence of a toddler to study, and to not miss out on community or miss church on Sundays because I'm writing a 15 page paper during my only free time of the entire week. I have this longing to learn, so I am excited to see what this beautiful fall semester holds. 

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