Wednesday, August 21, 2013

the rest of my secret life

in my post about my secret life, i talked about knitting and my love of it. while i had many people that were excited to read about my confession, i may not have been completely honest.

i know, i know. honesty is the best policy, right?

so here's what i finished last night.

yes, that's yarn. but it's yarn that i spun on my spinning wheel from this.

Photo from Etsy listing: Yarn Hollow
Colorway: Midnight Rambling Rose
i know. that's incredible.

when i first dove into knitting, i was a total geek and started listening and watching people talk about their knitting (and spinning) through podcasts or vid-podcast. kind of like a blog, but verbal. some talked about what they where spinning and my world was opened to a new obsession. i have to admit that it was not love at first sight. i was blown away by how much people were paying for these said spinning wheels and vowed that there was no way i could ever pay (now viewed as really an investment) that much for a spinning wheel. especially, if i was unsure that i would really like it.

well, there's totally a way that you can not spend that much on spinning. it's called drop spindling and you can make your own or pay as little as $10 and buy one from an etsy seller. so that's what i did.

and i fell in love.

so, then i decided that i actually wanted to learn how to use a spinning wheel before i purchased one. just in case i didn't like it. so i took a class at gate city yarns in greensboro, north carolina and you guess it....i fell in love.

so then i rented a wheel that was eventually purchased and it became mine...all mine.

i've been spinning and making my own yarn for a few months now. of course, when you first learn, it's really bulky and not so pretty. there's thick and thin places and all you want is a consistent single.

the last fiber i spun and finished last night was what i've been wanting this whole time. (Same photo as before because I'm totally in love with it).

469 yards (that's a good amount) of fingering (thin for you normal people) weight yarn. if i could add a "scratch and sniff" button, i totally would because this stuff is wooly goodness for sure.

what will it be? not sure yet, but for now i'll walk by it, pick it up, and squish and smell it because i am so VERY proud of this goodness.

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