Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIP Wednesday

For most of you what I am about to say is going to come as quite as surprise.

I knit. Yes. I knit. (Enter all the "my grandmother does that" comments.)

For the most part, I have kept my hobby from this space because I was ashamed of what you might say or think. In fact, when friends of mine or my husband makes comments like "She knits. You should see the pair of socks she just made", I shrug it off like it's no big deal. But it is a big deal because I love it. I'm addicted and completely obsessed. And about not sharing the knit with people...guess what??? I don't think I care what you say or think (I promise, not to offend you). Knitting is a part of who I am and that's all there is to it. And guess what else? I am going to start bringing more of "my secret life" to this space.

Moving the world of knitting or crochet, many refer to what they are working on as a WIP (Work in Progress). So because I have WIPs and because it is Wednesday, I'm introducing WIP Wednesday. So here we go.

The Cooke Cardigan 

I am not so good with knitting along with other people. For you normal people, it's where a group of people choose the same project, the same yarn, etc. and knit along together during a specific time period. Luvinthemommyhood is one of my favorite blogs to read and Shannon is hosting a summer sweater KAL (knit-a-long). So, I choose yarn out of my stash since I don't have much extra money right now to buy yarn and started this sweater. It's knit in pieces which scares me to death. Crossing my fingers that it actually fits when everything is knit and done. It's also being knit out of my favorite yarn, Quince and Co. Lark in a colorway aptly named Frost. This yarn is 100% American wool and was purchased from a small company, making it even better in my humble opinion. If you are interested in the community that is the online knitting world, or you just want to look at pretty pictures, you should click on over to Shannon's blog and see what she is up to. Not only does she knit and design knitting patterns, she is also an inspiration to sewers everywhere.

Cakewalk Skyp Socks

Another great project with yarn from an etsy seller. Cakewalk Yarns* is an interesting dyer because her yarn really do look yummy enough to eat. Okay, maybe not, but if you check out some of her sells on etsy, you'll see that she really does have an interesting technique to dying her yarn. This colorway is called "chalkboard" and makes me think of the blackboards in my old school classrooms growing up. I miss chalkboards and must add a couple more to my house....Anyways. This is the first sock of the two. I always said I wouldn't knit socks but I am addicted. I have found that I love hand knit socks in the fall and winter to wear with my favorite pair of grey boots.

So that's what I've been knitting on this week. It feels good to let all of you (or the 3 people reading this) in on my secret life.

I am curious to know if you have a secret life that you have been hiding. Do you love to craft? Are you a DIY addict? Do you love to run or repel from tall mountains ;)? Please share your "secret" if you care to. I would love to know if there are even others who knit or crochet or want to learn. Especially if you're local to me. Leave a comment below and let's chat! 

*Cakewalk yarn's etsy shop is currently closed because she is in the process of moving states. For the life of me, I can't get her shop to come up in etsy but just trust that its beautiful!

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