Thursday, September 5, 2013

FO: Barley

I knit the Barley hat for a beautiful and close friend of mine. She had been hinting at receiving a knit item and she is very supportive of what i do, so i figured it was high time she got something that she could treasure.

I love the collection that this hat came from. The whole collection is free and is geared towards teaching someone that ins and outs of knitting. The name is perfect as "the simple collection" introduces knitting and has a very simplistic, clean look to it. these patterns are right up my alley. The designer, tin can knits, is even planning on releasing a cardigan and a pullover pattern in the next few months. i love tin can knits because she releases patterns in numerous sizes, including babies!

barley was the first tin can knits pattern i knit and it only took me 2 days! i knit mine with some leftover quince and co worsted yarn-their lark base in the river colorway. i knit a pullover out of this that i have yet to take pictures and post about. but back to the hat....this was a quick knit and took about 150-170 yards. I knit the adult medium with an extra inch of body on the hat so it would slouch. the hat has a garter panel and makes for great tv knitting. i definitely recommend this pattern to anyone, beginner or advanced. for the new knitter the pattern teaches you to knit a hat. for the advanced knitter, this makes a great gift because it knits up simply and turns out wonderfully. another great feature to the pattern is the fact that if you are reading the pattern from a device, like computer, i-pad, or i-phone, there are links on the pattern that take you directly to tin can knits video tutorials! awesome, awesome, awesome!

if you are interested in learning to knit, join ravelry or visit the tin can knits website. if you're local to me, i would love to teach you as well and would definitely have you knit this pattern.

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