Monday, September 23, 2013


In case you have not heard, fall is now upon us. i love, love, love this time! it really is my favorite season and favorite weather. i love the fall colors that burst in North Carolina. I love that we are a short drive (only 45 minutes) from the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. I love chicken stews, cool mornings and cool nights, and most of all I love fall because us knitters can really show off our handknits. Technically, handknits can be worn whenever but you can finally break them out after the long, hot and steamy summers.

And yes, I might be that person who checks the weather before my feet hit the floor so I can think about what handknit I will love that day. And yes, I may look at the weather by the hour so that I can plan accordingly!

When I was getting ready this morning, I had the thought of a "show your handknits" instagram post. I am always so inspired to see what other people are knitting but I am even more curious to see how people are wearing their handknits.

Today's handknit is my Age of Brass and Steam shawl. It's a free pattern from Ravelry that can really be knit in whatever weight of yarn you want. It can be smaller or bigger, one color or many colors. The choices are endless and completely up to you, the knitter. This pattern is actually great for newer knitters or first-time shawl knitters.

My Age of Brass and Steam is knit out of Malabrigo Sock in the Persia colorway. This pattern is so great for showing off those one skein yarns that you might be hoarding for a special project.

So, I want to know what YOU'RE wearing today! You can either post a link to a Ravelry project page, a flickr picture, twitter, whatever....If you are on instagram, use the hashtag #showyourknits and make sure to tag someone else to show off their knits too! The little man is down for a nap and the hubby is working so let's show off our knits! 

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