Tuesday, October 1, 2013


our lease is up.


this is a day we have been looking towards for at least a year. but honestly, after becoming a SAHM and a couple of other things going on in our lives, we had decided that maybe it was best to stay right where we are. i mean, it's not that bad right. famous last words.

a few weeks ago, we found ourselves in the ER for the second time in two weeks. little man has had some asthma-like attacks and after nebs and inhalers, we would end up taking him to the pediatrician or ER or both. this last attack wasn't much different than before but the medical staff was really concerned and we ended up in the ER for about 5 hours. after 5 breathing treatments, a steroid, and an inhaler we headed home at 4:30 in the morning. Sam was concerned that xander's breathing is being affected by the air quality and potential mold problem in our apartment. yes, we have tried to have the mold taken care of but it's coming back. the apartment is older and we felt we might just need a change.

i was able to find an apartment that was in our price range and not far from our current location..we love the area that we live in. we are moving a little bit earlier than we wanted but we feel this new place is perfect and fits our needs concerning xander's breathing and his need for some running space. now that we are moving, i'm starting to think about what our new home will look like. i have a few ideas concerning pallet shelving, a "new" kitchen table, and other DIY things. i also took a much needed trip to homegoods....

it's always good to add a little bit of freshness to the home. a couple of mugs from the clearance aisle, a basket for toddler toys in the living room, and a throw pillow for the couch to add comfort and color. we are looking forward to a new place where we can grow as a family and even have some people over for dinner!

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