Friday, January 3, 2014

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january 25th is my birthday and i love birthdays!!!! not just my own but everyone's. i believe that birthdays should be a big deal so why not celebrate the entire month, right?! when i woke up this morning, i found that most of the northern states here in the US experienced a large amount of snowfall overnight. for those of you with an impromptu snow day, why not curl up with your favorite warm beverage?

how does that sound?

i think its brilliant. what a great way to celebrate with you!

okay, so over the next four weeks, 1 post per week, i'll be sharing favorite things that i have come across.

Favorite Things Week 1:

* Homespun Podcast- ok, ok...maybe i have to sneak something knitting related in. this podcast makes my heart sing. it's by Clare and Molly, two ladies with young children living in Berlin! they are naturals in front of the camera and i can watch them on my smart tv since their video feed is housed by youtube. go and give them a listen (well, watch really). this video podcast is at the top of my weekly podcast rotation.

*My local public wonderful! i was a kindle user until my two year-old broke the screen ;) but i have recently found that i love holding a book in my hand. i love the smell of library books and i love that you can pick from different types of books. i recently picked up a murder, she wrote mystery, a thriller about a swiss secret agent, a book on circular knitting, and a book on spinning. I also grab a few books for the little man as well. If you haven't ventured to your public library recently, you really should! also, for the moms out there, most libraries have weekly readings for toddlers and preschoolers. it is an hour well spent outside of the home. for you kindle users, there's a e-library option for you, and all you need is a library card! For crafting books, I find the library to be a great option because you can "try it before you buy it". ever bought a crafting book that wasn't exactly what you were looking for? try your local library before you buy it to make sure it's exactly what you want.

i hope that this leaves you with some things to check out over the weekend!

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