Thursday, March 6, 2014

pile it up.

and like that february has come and gone and we are already halfway through the first week of march...

when i first came home from work, sometimes the days would just drag by. i was trying to fall into a schedule with xander, while maintaining my own sanity and getting my studying done during the day before sam came home from work. now, that we have a good grove going, days seem to fly by and before i know it, sam is home from work, dinner has been made and eaten, and xander is down for the night.

it's crazy how things that seem so hard eventually figure themselves out.

i've been knitting a lot. i tend to knit when i can't control things and there are some things that i've had to let go of in the last month, so more knitting it is.

i'm also working my way through bread and wine. a great book about food, friends, and things that make the world go round. this was an aim at some self-care and i think it's working. shauna has such a way with words and making you feel like you need to be her friend. there are several recipes to try to so i'm planning a rotation into the dinner menu. her breakfast quinoa, blueberry crisp, and mini mac and cheese sound so good.

this is my last week before the first half of the term is over for grad school. i have the entire week next week before the next class starts to get some things done. all i want to do is start my summer book pile. listen...i know its not summer yet and spring is a little far off too, but i need something that makes me feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel. since i'm in grad school, i've always got my nose in a book. most of the time, it's interesting stuff, but sometimes it's oh-so-boring. so, throughout the semester, i start gathering a stack of books next under my bedside table so that when classes are finished, i can dive into the next read. bread and wine was in the stack but i obviously couldn't wait to start that one.

i just ordered stephanie pearl-mcphee's new book and the fork and beans cookbook (check out her website with yummy vegan and dairy-free recipes). the fork and beans cookbook won't be released until august.

i've also added a couple of podcasts and blogs to my list....all have knitting somewhere in there but the focus may not be knitting. a couple are just mom blogs where they knit along with everything else they do.

curious handmade
mastering the knit
small things
i'll knit if i want to...
lori times five

comment and let me know what's on your reading list or what you're listening to or watching. inquiring minds want to know and i think my book pile can be just a little bit taller ;)

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