Monday, April 28, 2014

the big boy blanket

it's that time....little man is moving to a big boy bed. yes, he's 2 1/2 years old but he has never attempted to climb out of his crib- until recently. with his third birthday quickly approaching, we started thinking it was time to transition him. what better way to celebrate then a new big boy blanket.

the knitting was oh so easy as it was just garter stitch the whole way, knitting to the end of the ball, and then attaching another. the only brain power required was to remember to start the new ball of yarn on the wrong side and to slip the first stitch of every row knitwise. the knitting was perfect for those mornings that required a little more attention on mama's part and watching tv at night. i thought about ordering another color repeat but the blanket turned out plenty long since it grew a bit with a good washing. 

i'm thinking that this pattern will be a lovely add tradition in our house. a new blanket with a new baby will ensure that every child to come has their very own knit-with-love blanket. so....if you see me knitting on a blanket in the future, assume that a new little one is joining us shortly. but for now, we will just curl up under this one and enjoy the cuddles from (not so)little xander asa. 

yarn: cascade 220 superwash in silver grey, aporto, & pacific (purchased here for the discount)
needle: us size 10 knitter's pride nova (i purchased mine here)

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