Tuesday, April 29, 2014


before my last post, it had been a while since i had written anything. of course, the usual has been going on...school, school, and more school. sometimes its all i can do to get on the computer at all, so blogging seems to take the back burner. besides, the weather is turning here and who wants to be cooped up inside anyway?!

 a month or so ago, i was able to upgrade my camera. i've always wanted to take good pictures and be able to capture moments. this is one of the main reasons that i wanted to get into blogging. this blog is really like a scrapbook for me. i upgraded to a canon rebel t3 and i'm in love. it's nice to put down the iphone and just live behind the lens of a camera. i've been amazed at some of the pictures that have emerged.

but there has been some things going on. i've been getting some knitting and spinning in here and there. i had several projects on the needles, so i've been focusing on getting some of those things done. the biggest was the big boy blanket that i posted about last time. i've also managed to finish a shawl that still needs a good wash and blocking. i'll post about that once its ready to make its appearance.

spinning is something that i do when i need a fresh start. it can be quick or a longer work-in-progress. it always happens during nap time- which doesn't always happen much to mama's dismay. oh, well... i finished this yarn a bit ago but had it tucked in a basket for pictures. i love the purple and that light strand that popped up.

spring has definitely arrived in north carolina...i feel like i may have said that before. i picked up these petunias from our neighborhood grocery store. it adds so much color to our little patio. now that the weather is nice, i'm scouring a couple of stores and craigslist to find some outdoor furniture. it might turn into a bigger project since pinterest seems to be where i get inspiration! i'm also thinking about growing a large barrel of herbs as well.

the last picture up top is so beautiful to me- the simpleness that new seasons bring. my allergies (who doesn't have allergies in north carolina??) are crazy right now and its because of that little culprit on the flower. do you see it? look closely and you'll see pollen sitting on the edge of the petals.

yarn hollow etsy store (where i purchased the fiber for the yarn above- and there's a sale/coupon codes!!!).

where i purchased my new camera bundle. 

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