Wednesday, April 30, 2014

{yarn along}

i'm linking up with ginny (and other bloggers) over at small things today. what have i been knitting and reading?

i've been on this kick lately to get things off the needles. after finishing (or sometimes not finishing) a project, i have this urge to cast on all the things. but for now, as one thing is finished, an older thing is picked up with the hopes of being finished. this week, i've been knitting on inland by jane richmond. its a fabulous bulky sweater tunic and i can't wait to get it finished. i've finally made it through the body and started the ribbing yesterday. i know that if i can get the ribbing is done, then the motivation to (hopefully) finish the sleeves will come. fingers crossed. 

i've been doing a lot of reading for school lately but i'm finding there is a need to read something other than a textbook on marriage and family therapies. uh hum. after watching miss marple on netflix, i thought it would be interesting to work my way through agatha christie mysteries. little did i know that these books are quite popular among the library e-book lending crowd- after 2 weeks of waiting, i finally got an email say that "and then there were none" was ready for download. i'm only a couple of chapters in but i think these mysteries are going to make for good summer reading. i've also mastered knitting and reading at the same time! it should be much easier to share time between my two loves now...

what are you knitting and reading? don't forget to click on over to ginny's blog and become inspired. also, if you are joining me here because of ginny's yarn along, please leave a comment so i can make sure to follow your yarn along as well! 

happy knitting and reading! 


  1. ooh - that's a great sweater pattern. love the exposed seams!