Thursday, May 1, 2014

rip it out & start over

sometimes we try things and find that it doesn't quite work out like we want them too.

we have have good intentions, meaning only for good to come out and the exact opposite happens.

we are so excited for the end result, longing for this new thing to be complete and worked out, but sometimes along the way, red flags are going up all over the place. Red flags saying, "this is not what you meant, IS IT?", "it will NOT get better as you go", and the infamous..."TURN AROUND, THIS IS THE WRONG WAY!". knitters convince themselves to just keep knitting on that project that you aren't sure about because you will love the end product. rrrriiiiggghhhht.

about a month ago, i started these socks with the perfect yarn and perfect pattern. it was for a kal, which i've never been good at and it was a point-based system. long story short, it was worth a lot of points. but, the last couple of times i've picked up this sock, i would think to myself this is not really what i want.

last night, i decided to put it down and really think about it.

today-the socks are gone. why spend so much time and effort on something that you aren't that crazy about? why convince yourself that this really is the right thing to do, when you know, deep down, that it's not?

i think the same thing happens in life. in fact, i know it does. the situation where you feel like you have gone to far or you're in too deep to change. it's never too late to make the right decision. it's never too late to apologize. it's never to late to turn things around. it's never too late to just rip it out and start over.

for now, i'm going to let this yarn be. i'll be looking through ravelry, considering patterns, and thinking what would be best. i started with socks but it might become a shawl. we shall see, won't we?

Yarn: Unwind Yarn Company Journey Sock "Wedding Orchids"
Needles: Knitters Pride Karbonz 6" dpns

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