Monday, June 2, 2014

moving right along as if it never happened

once again, it's been awhile since i have blogged....i'm not going to apologize, we are just going to keep moving right along as if it never happened.

Recent handspun that I finished. Edgewood Fiber Studio's Gray masham in "extreme conditons". You're going to want to stop reading right now so you can go over and look at her shop. She has yarn too! 

And now that you are back, check out Friends in Fiber. This is BFL/silk and the colorway is "autumn 2". It's okay...i'll wait ;)

i've been doing a lot of spinning lately. in fact, i attended the into the wool fiber retreat last weekend and got more spinning done than i've been able to in a bit. it was such a good time but i'm going to save all the shenanigans for a different post because i still need to photograph my purchases ;)

I've even started knitting with my handspun...*gasp!* i know it's like a sin to not knit with your own handspun. but to be honest, i just recently felt that the yarn was good enough to knit with. i'm knitting rosebud by jared flood in a northbound knitting semi-solid fiber club that i was in. i absolutely looooove this club but i keep missing the next round signups!!!

i'm going to ease back into blogging regularly by dumping some of what's been on my new camera. i'm still learning all of the wonderful things that it can do and getting used to taking photos with my camera instead of my phone. but, i have to's been love ever since i opened the box. with the weather so hot already nice here, we've been spending some time outside. it's nice to make yourself cozy on your porch instead of cooped up in the house all day.

this last picture is from easter. we finally got a good shot of us! the last "official" pictures we took were when he was 4 months old!!!! 

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