Tuesday, June 10, 2014

pomme de pin: swatch.

i have been knitting, really Knitting, for about 5 years now. i have not always been the most adventurous when it comes to selecting patterns, but since returning from a beautiful knitting retreat where other knitters showed off there magnificent pieces, i have decided that adventure is exactly what i need.

i have a few sweater quantities in my stash and have been working to pair those said quantities with possible sweater choices. while i am a sucker for anything stockinette, i have been drawn towards patterns that have a bit more design to them. 

the pomme de pin captured my attention from the first time i set eyes on it. you could say that it was love at first sight. i have to admit that i cast it on a couple of years ago but could not get past the setup row, so i ripped it out and put the yarn and the pattern in time out. i recently decided that it was exactly what i needed for my next sweater and i dreamt of wearing it this coming fall when attending the fiber festivals and another retreat. 

i even decided that i was going to do the "right" thing and knit a swatch to make sure i set off on the right foot. start as you mean to go...right? i knit the first swatch with the recommended needle, knowing good and well that i am always a looser knitter. why don't i just start with a size down??!? of course, i ended up getting gauge on a US 4 instead of the 5.

bottom swatch on size 5, top swatch on size 4.

i'm not even through the first repeat of the lace chart but i am truly in love with this cardigan. i might actually be turning into the knitter that enjoys the process more than the finished product...

this picture gives the actual shade of green.

Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash Sport in Color 801 Army Green
Project bag in last photo: Fat Squirrel Fibers...her bags are limited edition- this one was from an update last year.

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