Monday, July 7, 2014

a {late} post on retreating.

retreat (n.): an act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable

i am not quite sure why it has taken me so long to sit down and write this post. i guess that i was allowing myself to marvel in the afterglow of the into the wool retreat and writing a summary post seemed a little too final for me. i would definitely say that this was a positive thing for me. it's so nice to shrug daily responsibilities and stresses and just connect and relax. in the past, i've not done that well in making sure i do things for myself. this retreat was exactly what i needed. 

i have to say that as a first-time retreat attender, this was the most wonderous way for a knitter to connect with other knitters. to sit and talk, drink lots of coffee, admire one another's handknits, and look around to realize that for once....i am not the only one knitting. 

this retreat was held in crossville, tennessee and was hosted by dana (unwind yarn company) and brittany of the just one more row audio cast and jessica of storied yarns (which sadly is no longer in business). the "camp" was a great place to converge with other knitters and spinners. to relish in the cold mild weather, and wrap ourselves from head to toe in hand knits. even though the retreat was in may, it was quite chilly but allowed us to show off those finished things we are so proud of. 

it was mainly sitting and knitting (or spinning). there were some events that we could participate in, a local yarn shop to visit but there was no pressure to do anything but enjoy yourself. and that is exactly what i did. 

i had fabulous roomies and we got along so well! we talk all the time now!  

i'm not going to recap the entire weekend. lots of other (more popular) people have done that, so i'll make sure to link those that i know at the end of this post. i will, however, show you my goodies from the weekend. 

Door Prize from Fable Fibers 

"Gracie Pearl" on DK from Unwind Yarn Company

 "Goldenrod" on Worsted (610 yards a piece!!!) from Unwind Yarn Company

 Kenzie from Skacel from the LYS "The YarnPatch"

"Pinot" on the new Jilly base from Dream in Color from "The YarnPatch"

Just One More Row
Sassypants Knitter (there is some language, so if you're sensitive, check out another recap link)
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Suburban Stitcher (towards the end of the episode)
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You can also search #intothewool #intothewoolretreat on instagram a picture show!

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