Tuesday, July 8, 2014

pomme de pin in progress

i've been knitting a lot on my pomme. partly because i am so excited to have the finished cardigan but mainly because i'm trying to get it done for a KAL. i've never been that great at kals but there's a first time for everything. tour de fleece started saturday, so i'll be spinning (hopefully) and i have set some goals for the next few weeks but i also am pushing myself to finish the cardigan.

i was able to get a good bit done over the weekend but i'm feeling some soreness in my shoulder, so i may have pushed myself a little too hard. i'm ready to divide for the front and back so i'll rest for a couple of days and then get back to work on it. to be honest... it's so hard for me to not knit, so i'm focusing my attention to getting a few more books read before the semester starts up again.

i did mess up the lace repeat several inches ago. thankfully, i noticed it pretty quickly so i was able to tink back a few several rows to fix my mistake. the process of knitting the pine cones, the squish factor of the wool and the lace...it's so addicting. i cannot wait to wear this puppy when it gets cooler.

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  1. It looks great so far. KALs really are a great motivator to get projects done aren't they.