Thursday, August 21, 2014

thoughts on "editing"

i have been so hesitant to come back to this space. i know it's been a long time since i've written here but i have to tell you that i've been writing a good bit in my personal journal. sitting down in the morning with a good cup of coffee {one of my favorite things} and reading, thinking, jotting down the occasional thought and prayer. sometimes my personal journaling becomes a to-do list, or a to-knit list, or a moment of planning something out. it might be a mind dump so that i can get everything i'm thinking out until there's no more swirling around in my head.

i realize that this space can't house all of my deeply personal feelings, trials, thoughts but i have to admit that i have definitely been edited, because that is how i've made my way through my adult life.

"i can't share everything, or some deeply transparent things because this is mainly my knitting life and other knitters come to the blog to read about my knitting ramblings and not anything else. they do not want to hear about everything else going on." 

that's where i've been with the blog for the last couple of months. that is why i haven't sat down to give you anything.

after much thought and finding encouragement through this blogger who is dealing with a devasting loss, and this one, and this one too- i have been encouraged to explore more than just the knitting. i have so much going on in my life that others might relate to, or benefit from-  it's time to put my stuff out there. mind you, i did not start this blog to become a "BLOGGER" per se. i don't get paid to sit here and produce post after post. i wanted to start this blog for the purpose of just sharing what i had to say. maybe the few who read it would be encouraged and get something out of it. ravelry has been such an amazing experience for me after i became active in forums and such, that i have made friends and i treasure those friendships. that's what i wanted for this space. to have sort of a community of people interested in a few things and that is how we come together. so, here is my formal disclosure.... this blog may not always been about the knitting, in fact you can be on the fact that it will not always be about the knitting. i'll continue to share how my life is engulfed by the craft and how that affects me but you may find posts about parenting, my spiritual life, books i'm reading, etc.

i realize that some of you are not interested in all of that. that you may read the knitting posts or the parenting posts and skip over the rest. or you may not come back at all. and that is fine with me, believe me when i say i understand. i just don't want to struggle with "editing" anymore and i truly want to build a community in this space. thank you so much for joining me on my journey. i look forward to spending more time here.

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