Friday, September 5, 2014


it's hard to describe 5 years in one post, but here i go...

7 years ago-- A girl saw a guy standing in the front rows of her church. She had never seen him before, but a voice in her head said that she was going to marry him one day. After a summer of Starbucks dates, late night text messaging and conversation until you fall asleep with the phone in your hand (and wake up with it there too), the guy left to go back to school with a new girlfriend. For the next year, they would remain long distance, falling in love with each other- all the time knowing that one day, they would be married.

6 years ago-- The guy graduates from college and moves to the girl's hometown.

5.5 years ago-- The couple gets engaged on the beach in Perdido Key, Alabama under the moon, with the waves crashing against the sand.

September 5, 2009-- The couple stands before God, family, and friends to become one and a new chapter of "Mr. and Mrs." begins.

Today-- I'm in awe of our last 5 years together. The joy, the laughter, the trials, the tears, but knowing that I could do this for at least 50 more years.

I love you, Sam. Happy 5 years. 


  1. Congrats Kristen on your anniversary. This was such a sweet post and your wedding pictures! You were such a beautiful bride.

    1. thank you, michelle. it was a wonderful day of celebrating our story thus far.