Thursday, September 11, 2014

another step.

i've been thinking and dreaming that i want to do something out of my comfort zone. i want to connect with people that i wouldn't otherwise. i want to put something out there because i feel like i have something to offer. this blog is becoming that for me, but i feel like there's another step to take.

after a lot of thought, lots of notes strewn here and there, a little encouragement from a couple of knitting friends, i have decided that i'm going to get back into podcasting.

back into podcasting, you ask? a couple of years ago, i tried my hand (well, my face really) at podcasting and i only got through a few episodes. i wasn't as confident as i should have been. i checked my stats and ravelry group members watching things wane from week to week and became discouraged, so i eventually let the podcast go. i got too caught up in wanting to be something big... but, i really really want to try it again. not because i want to be something but because i want to connect-- with you.

be on the lookout for something to pop up here, soon.

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