Thursday, October 3, 2013

when i put my needles to it & an addendum

I *might* have finished little man's hat last night.

I totally did finish his hat last night.

This little number is such a quick knit! If you are playing along at home, you will remember that I knit Barley for a good friend's birthday about a month or so ago. I loved the pattern and the best part about it was that this pattern (and the entire collection) came in multiple sizes; from infant to adult. I knew after knitting Barley I that there would be Barley II and Barley III to follow. Barley II is for Xander and Barley III will be for Sam.

Back to Barley II. When I posted my WIPWednesday post yesterday, I had only knit about one inch of the ribbing. After posting, I picked up the hat, knit on it throughout the day, and had a finished hat by about 7 or 8 last night. It's such a quick knit and of course Xander looks so good in it.

The yarn is leftovers that I had from my lonely tree shawl that I finished a few weeks ago. It's just some Natural Caron Country in a tweedy charcoal color. For being part acrylic and part merino wool, this is a great yarn and is pretty warm. I still have another skein left. My only complaint is that it is really splitty and can be a little annoying when knitting with it. But at only $1.99 per 185 yards of worsted, it's a pretty good alternative when you're in a crunch or on a budget. I knit the pattern as written and didn't have to do any modifications.

addendum: I have a lovely husband who likes to receive handknits. I am pretty much a selfish knitter and so dear hubby may not get as many handknits as he might like. He reminded me last night after reading my post that there wasn't anything on the list for him. So I have updated the list to include Barley III for him.

*Barley III for hubby
*another cardigan for me
*sweater for xander
*baby socks out of scraps
*hats for the niece
*another lonely tree shawl for a dear friend

Notice that his hat has now moved to the top of the list. As supportive as he is of my knitting, spinning, and even this blog, I guess I can knit him some things. 

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