Wednesday, November 20, 2013

baby steps.

after my post yesterday, i got a lot of support from friends on my instagram feed. thank you all so much for your comments and likes that showed your support and prayers. making sure that i give myself some attention is a journey and i know that there will be good days and bad days, things that work and don't work but it's okay because it's all apart of the journey.

the first step in walking this journey out is pointing out things that i feel i need to work on immediately. this step is important because not only does it bring focus but it also confronts those issues that i was talking about yesterday head on.

i alluded to a few things that i have been struggling with but i want to bring specific focus to a few.

1. lack of rest: rest is essential to this whole process. if you are not getting enough rest and feeling rested when you wake up in the morning, then this is definitely somewhere to focus. for months now, i have been saying that i'm not sleeping well. it takes me a while to fall asleep at night and i'm a night owl so that is a recipe for disaster. last night, i made a point to be in the bed by 9:30 and read until i was ready to go to sleep. this gave my mind time to calm down, to put away the day, and enter a relaxing state. i think i fell asleep about 10:00 last night and had a good sleep.

2. lack of quiet time: all mothers can attest to this, especially if you stay home with your children...quiet time is hard to come by. naptime in our house means i can study for classes, do laundry, or catch up on DVR. i need to establish my quiet time again. for me, that's reading and journaling, listening to music, and growing myself spiritually. for others, that may look different, but i know that i need to work to bring this into my day again.

3. lack of focus on my health: yup. i said it. i'm not exercising or eating as well as i should. we recently joined a maximized living office in the area. i will talk more about this as we see changes, but just know that its exactly what our family needed. this is allowing us to really focus on our health as a family and learn new ways that we can better our life. it starts with everything that i mentioned above but also making sure that we are eating the right things and exercising.

those are the three things that i feel i need to focus on right now. there are many more things that come to my mind as well, but as a friend of ours says, "it doesn't happen overnight, just take baby steps".

if you would like to join me as i spend some time focusing on what i need right now, please let me know! everything is always better when it's done alongside someone. it's important that we remember that we can't help others until we help ourselves. who's in?  

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