Wednesday, December 4, 2013

remember, remember the month of november

it's an early morning here at the house of holmes. xander has taken to early mornings, much like his dad, but it's so hard for this mama to get going. i so want to be an early morning person and have tried ever so hard to do so but any wake up call from the little one before 8 is difficult for me. in fact, as i write this i feel the need to stop and grab a cup of coffee before writing any more...

ok, now with coffee in hand, can you believe that november has already come and gone?! as the holidays approach, it always feels a little bit as if the last few months of the year are in a hurry. over the past month, we managed to move and (almost) unpack in our new place, welcome a new little niece, and take a trip down south for thanksgiving.

of course, pictures are lacking of our trip. that has to be one of my goals for the next few months...TAKE MORE PICTURES! i know one day i'll regret not having them. we spent time with sam's side of the family on the coast of alabama and florida. it really is beautiful down there this time of year. we managed to eat some seafood, enjoy thanksgiving dinner on beautiful pensacola beach, get in some outlet shopping, and of course i made a trip to pensacola's lys, king's sewing and knitting center. yes, even pensacola has a yarn store and a rather good one at that.

i should mention that it did take us a terrible amount of time to get there. With a storm moving through the southern states and a horrible amount of traffic north of Atlanta, we ended up staying the night in auburn, al. It's a favorite exit of ours even though we aren't auburn fans ;) but we were able to get a hotel and let Xander run off some energy and get a good night's sleep. it didn't take us near as long to get home Monday. 

i'll leave you with the few shots that i got while we were gone and hope that those in the US had a lovely holiday weekend as well.

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