Saturday, December 7, 2013

create and be who you are supposed to be

i have been doing some self searching the last couple of weeks. really asking myself what i want to do and be. ever since i came home from work last summer, i have had this feeling that i am supposed to take the time that i have and do the things that i have always wanted to do. the list is always growing and changing but i think its time that i start putting some time into what i love doing. i have had a couple of ideas and i always think, "how in the world am i supposed to do that?", or "yeah, i could never do that". you can do whatever it is that you desire. its time to start carving out some time in my day to sit, think, and create.

you know we still have some time in december before the new year hits...what are some things that you told yourself you wanted to do in 2013. have you done them yet? pick one thing and work to see that thing happen this month. you can do whatever you put your mind to! if you don't mind, share something in the comments with me- a goal for december and let me be your cheerleader. 

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