Thursday, December 12, 2013

| favorite things |

i have a ton of things of the needles right now and plans for a few more things. i also have commission knitting (?!) on my list of things to knit, as well as some plans for some things for me. since i can't show you the christmas knitting right now, i can show you some favorite things that i have been peeking at. it's cold here....very cold. so instead of running out in the cold, we have been staying in, bundled up in handknits, watching christmas movies by the fire. i know...sounds amazing. it sure is....

so without any more delay, why don't i give you some things to keep you busy while the cold sets in...

caravan print it and the best part???....its FREE. we all love free. why not print some off and send all your girlfriends little cards. they have all types so click over and check them out!

layering...when its cold outside, a good layering piece is the finishing and practical touch to your wardrobe. this is also the reason to my knitting obsession.

and speaking of knitting...
this oversized top, this adorable tunic-length sweater, these armwarmers/fingerless mitts, this cowl, and this hat knit-a-long for the correct fitting hat...

whenever i'm focused on something, i always find that my mind wanders to other things i want to be doing. i guess it's the curse of the multi-tasker ;) i do have some thoughts rolling through my head about something to do in the new year. once its finalized, i'll let you in on what i'm working on.

what are some of your favorite things right now? link away in the comments! the coffee is on over here and i'm bundled up to stay in...let's chat! 


  1. Oh my goodness! do I see my button over there?! EEEP! This is kind of a big deal! LOVE IT! THANK YOU! .... I totally want to do the hat knit along with Hannah! I got to meet here when I was in Maine and definitely was a huge fan girl!

    1. that is your button over there!!! i'm glad that you like it! thanks so much for stopping by the blog. it means so much!